NinesControl Pricing

Flat monthly pricing. Know what you are paying based on the size of your cluster.

Pricing Plans



Free Forever

1-click deployment with zero config MySQL, and MongoDB clusters

Automatically scale out/in your cluster

Web-based notifications and console access



per node/month

Everything in the Developer plan plus:

Automated and manual backups to cloud storage

Encryption of data at rest and in-motion

Enterprise Plan

Our enterprise plan is designed to give you peace of mind when it comes to reliability and performance of your business-critical databases. We offer 24/7 support to help you monitor and manage your database in the cloud with an enhanced SLA to maximize service availability and provide performance guarantees.

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NinesControl Features

Highly Available Database Deployments

Effortless deploy a database cluster within minutes with battle-tested configurations optimized for peformance and stabililty. Use your prefered database vendor and version with MySQL, PostgreSQL or MongoDB. Deploy your database cluster across availability zones to maximize your uptime.

Security Hardened

Security is a top priority and concern with NinesControl. We employ industry best practices to make sure that your account and databases are protected. Network encryption and access control are configured by default, and IP whitelists allow you to specify a specific range of IP addresses to grant access to your database.

Automated Cluster and Node Recovery

Sleep easier at night. Rely on our industry leading automated recovery of your database cluster. Battle-proven among 1000s of our users, NinesControl takes care of detecting and handling some of the most common operational issues we normal experienced in production deployments.

Automated Notifications

We perform a number of health checks on your database every few minutes, and know instantly if there is an issue. Alerts are sent through emails or incident management services like PagerDuty or OpsGenie. You can even get events sent to Slack or any service that accepts webhooks.

Your database on AWS, Google Cloud Engine or Digital Ocean

Select a database, pick a hosting provider, and choose a region. It’s that easy. There are many options to choose from so you can host your data close to your application to minimize latency.

Enterprise Availability

Users who have critical production databases and need an enhanced SLA and support response times can upgrade to an Enterprise plan.

Automated Backups & Point In Time Recovery

Backups are scheduled regularly and stored encrypted. Use point in time recovery to restore a backup up to a specific time or event.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are my database cluster billed?

We charge a flat subscription rate per database node per month. You can see how much a specific cluster costs by going into your profile and open the billing settings. Your subscription billing date is determined by the time you upgraded your cluster to a paid plan. For example if you upgraded your cluster on the 3rd then you will always be billed on the 3rd of the month and we bill you in advance.

What is your SLA?

The Professional paid tier comes with email support with a response time of 1 business day. We offer an enterprise tier with 4h response time.

Do we charge for the bandwidth?

Our flat monthly rate only considers the size of your cluster. We keep outgoing data bandwidth to the minimum in order to keep your costs down since the cloud instances are owned by you (BYOI) and not NinesControl.

How long are my backups available? What is the retention period?

By default backups are stored with these retention periods

  • 1 daily backup stored 7 days
  • 1 weekly backup stored 1 month
  • 1 monthly backup stored 1 year

What versions of the database vendors do you offer?

  • Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.6/5.7, MariaDB Galera Cluster 10.2
  • MongoDB Inc 3.6, Percona Server for MongoDB 3.6

How is my data protected?

Our service is hosted at Amazon AWS using several availability zones and regions. We have fault-tolerance and redundancy in place to make sure the service is up and running at all times. Your database are deployed on encrypted volumes where possible and we follow security and compliance best practices outlined by each cloud provider.

Is my database backed up?

Yes we perform automatic incremental backups every hour and ship it to your cloud storage for safe keeping. The default backup/cloud storage retention period is N days.

Do you have an API?

Not at the moment. It is on a the roadmap.