Your Database, Any Cloud

  • Provision a Database
    on Any Cloud
  • Realtime Unified Monitoring
  • Automated Database Management and Recovery

Provision a database on Any Cloud

Deploy a fully managed standalone or a clustered SQL and NoSQL database on a cloud provider of your choice. Each provisioned database is automatic, repeatable and completes in minutes.

Realtime Unified Monitoring

Take advantage of the unified and real time monitoring of the database and server infrastructure. Gain access to 100+ collected key database and host metrics that matter to your operational performance. Visualize historical performance in custom dashboards to establish operational baselines and performance bottlenecks.

Automated Database Management and Recovery

Manage your day to day database operational tasks uniformly and transparently across a polyglot database infrastructure. Automate backups, health checks, scaling and version upgrades.
Clone your databases to move datasets from dev/test and onto production.
Leverage NinesControl's self-healing and automatic recovery of database nodes and clusters regardless of topology to help improve your service availability.

Currently supported technologies

Deploy on DigitalOcean

Deploy and monitor your database clusters on DigitalOcean.

Deploy on Amazon EC2

Deploy and monitor you database cluster on your own VPC and EC2 instances.

Deploy MySQL Galera Cluster

Deploy and monitor MySQL Galera with Percona, MariaDB or Codership.

Deploy MongoDB Replica Set

Deploy and monitor MongoDB or Percona Server for MongoDB clusters.